I do not Dream.
Hello. This is my blog and it has no consistency whatsoever. Enjoy.
Various Fandoms: Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, Sherlock, American Horror Story, Elementary, The Following, Supernatural, Alice in Wonderland, anything Tim Burton, and now Hannibal, etc.
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Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina (1954).

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anxiety transforming into physical stomach and body pain are one of my biggest problems man

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Alex Turner can pretend to be cool with his leather jacket and quiff but that won’t change the fact that the Cornerstone music video happened

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””“”“why did you cut your hair?::”“”“”  i cut my hair to piss you off. specifially you, i was thinking of you when i cut my hair. i was thinking that you, specifically, would be interested in what my newly short hair meant to you, specifically.

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stop following me in front 


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when will not occupying a physical form be the new internet craze and aesthetic

transcending the body as anti-fashion


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